Bringing Parents Together to Navigate Everyday Parenting Challenges

Parenting… it’s one of the most important jobs on earth and also one of the most difficult. Our children come needing so very much from us as infants. But almost before our eyes, they morph into these growing, independent young people who are trying to break free at every step along the way. This transition can be quite challenging and shocking for parents, just as challenging as potty-training them and helping them learn to sleep in their own beds, among other things.

Around every corner, parenting presents us with a challenge. As soon as we figure out one small chapter, another new one pops up that we were completely unprepared for.  What’s a parent to do?

Advice abounds for parents. Everyone has an opinion about how one “should” parent, or what one “should” or “should not” do with and for their child. And most of the advice is conflicting, which only makes things harder for parents.

It is important to seek the advice and wise counsel of those who have been there, those who have figured it out and those who have a passion to help others to figure it out.

When Ashley Albrecht and Erin Taylor sat down at a retreat Erin was speaking at back in the spring of 2018, they talked of their shared desire to bring a parenting event to the Philadelphia area where they both live: An event that featured experts in all the ages and stages of childhood as well as experts in common childhood diagnoses and challenges.

Revolutionizing Parenthood features Oprah’s favorite parenting expert, Dr. Shefali. She is joined by presentations featuring Erin Taylor and her community of expert speakers covering a wide variety of the issues with which most parents struggle at one time or another. From toddlers to teenagers – from the struggles of getting out the door in the morning with your toddler to the stress of starting the college process – we cover it all.

Parents are equipped with new knowledge and ideas to activate in their home with their children to parent them in a more conscious and connected way, paving the way for richer, healthier and more nourishing relationships for all.

Revolutionizing Parenthood Conference
Revolutionizing Parenthood Conference