About the Organizers

Erin Taylor


Parent, Life & Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Mom

From the age of 11, Erin knew that she wanted to help families. She was raised by very caring, connected parents but she knew that not all children had that same luxury. Erin knew back then that her life’s mission was to help parents to give their children just a little of the warm, supportive, loving upbringing that she experienced.

With a Masters in Counseling Psychology, Erin worked for almost 20 years as a therapist with foster, biological and adoptive families. About six years ago, she went back to school to become certified as a parent coach. Now her work focuses on helping parents to face their fears and get to know their own selves in order to forge deep, healthy connections with their children.

She also owns a business called Revolutionizing Life that supports families and professionals who work with them to give their children the best upbringing possible in order to change the course of our shared future.

Her podcast, Powerful Parenting for Today’s Kids is enjoyed by parents around the world. Erin is also the author of Connection and Kindness: The Key to Changing the World Through Parenting.

Erin’s own journey to parenthood was a tumultuous one, having experienced three years of fertility struggles before conceiving her first child through IVF. Their daughter Sydney died at 24 days old of a severe heart defect that she was born with. A few more cycles of IVF and two sons and a daughter later, she and her husband are now joyfully raising their three living children who are 16, 14 and 12. Erin was able to take the tragedy of the death of her infant daughter and turn it around to not only survive, but to thrive and help others to do the same.

You can learn more about her at www.erin-taylor.com.

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Ashley Albrecht


Event Planner, Entrepreneur, Mom

Since founding Albrecht Events, www.albrechtevents.com, in 2005, Ashley’s values have driven her to want to make a positive impact with her event planning skills in addition to creating a successful business. As an entrepreneur and from the onset of her company, she has prioritized creating balance between family and work for her herself and team by creating a virtual company and offering time and flexibility to a group of talented and determined women.

When Ashley’s son was four and her daughter was just six months, Ashley stumbled onto an episode of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday that changed her perspective on parenting. From this moment of discovering Dr. Shefali, Ashley has dreamed of using her event expertise to connect parents with Dr. Shefali’s wisdom, which has been an important guide in her parenting journey.

Upon meeting Erin Taylor at a retreat last spring, Ashley and Erin bonded instantly and started to connect the dots about how to bring a parenting conference to life. Ashley is now an avid follower of Erin’s podcast and work. As icing on the cake, Dr. Shefali’s presence at this conference is truly a dream come true.

As an award winning event planner in the Philadelphia region, Ashley has a passion for her work and providing value to her loyal clients. Ashley executes exceptional meetings and events that achieve business objectives and exceed expectations. Starting her business from scratch, Albrecht Events has grown into an award-winning company with her leadership, passion, honesty, creativity, integrity, kindness and referrals. Her experience includes managing events of all sizes from corporate meetings and conferences to fundraising galas and celebrations.

Active in the community, her two young children (ages eight and five) bring lots of energy to her life. To get her creative juices flowing, Ashley enjoys yoga, bike riding, kettlebell, visiting farmers markets and spending time with family, friends and neighbors. She also enjoys supporting local farms and cooking with plant based ingredients. While events are a fast-paced business, Ashley takes time to pause and focus on what’s most important and she is thrilled for the opportunity to share this special experience with her community. She is looking forward to more peace of mind for parents, aha moments, and shared practical advice that will make a difference in the day today.

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Hilary Young


Content & Branding Specialist, Entrepreneur, Mom

Hilary decided to launch Hilary Young Creative in 2015 when she was 7-months pregnant with her oldest child and her boss at the time denied her request to work from home during an ice storm. By the time her daughter arrived, she had three clients committed to working with her, and two more signed on by the end of her maternity leave. Running her own business isn’t easy, but it has been liberating; allowing Hilary to have the flexibility and freedom that she needs to also balance being a good mom.

Of course, there have been challenges along the way, including not taking a maternity leave after her second daughter was born in 2018. Feeling emotionally drained and overwhelmed with having to care for two young children and manage a growing business, Hilary discovered conscious parenting through the work of Dr. Laura Markham. Suddenly, everything seemed to make so much more sense: take care of your own issues and triggers in order to be a better role model for your children. Through Dr. Markham’s book, Peaceful Parent, Happy Child, and parenting course Hilary was able to bring a little more calm into her busy and chaotic life as a working mom.

When Ashley approached Hilary to work on the content strategy and execution for Revolutionizing Parenthood, she was thrilled to be able to merge her professional and personal worlds. Having the opportunity to work on building awareness for the conscious parenting movement has also introduced Hilary to the brilliant work of Dr. Shefali, further expanding her knowledge and understanding about how to parent consciously. Hilary is excited to help other busy moms and dads find the same sense of peace within their approach to parenting through the Revolutionizing Parenthood conference in April.

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Jennifer Ozgur


Event Facilitator, Appreciative Inquiry Designer, Practitioner, Coach

Jennifer has been teaching English since 2000.  In 2016, she published a children’s book, One Million Kisses: The Promise of 153, and took a professional sabbatical to work on a variety of creative projects- all with the intention to help children so that they may thrive.

Jennifer is a certified brain-based and trauma-informed instructor from the TranZed Institute in Baltimore, MD and an elite-trained facilitator in Appreciative Inquiry from Cleveland, OH- the birthplace of AI.

Jennifer designs and teaches parenting classes for the School District of Philadelphia, speaks at state-wide conferences for Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), presents breakout sessions at the National At Risk Education Network (NAREN), and coaches other speakers in the art of workshop creation and delivery.

Using her vast experience as an educator and her training in effective engagement techniques, Jennifer choreographs learning opportunities which results in deep transformational change.

Her ultimate purpose is to empower parents, educators, and other influential adults so that they may take a proactive approach toward raising confident and well-adjusted young people.

Email: Jennifer@JenFormation.com