Barbara Vercruysse

Barbara Vercruysse

Barbara Vercruysse is a coach, spiritual mentor, thought leader and public speaker. After facing several challenges in life and surviving a stage 4 skin cancer at the age of 32, she decided to live her second life at the fullest.

After running a successful 6-figure construction business for 18 years, Barbara dedicated herself to her true passion: guiding people through a deep transformation.  She supports people around the world in leading a fulfilled life, creating impact and success by living and leading with love.

One of her clients is BMW, where she operates as a Quality Manager and Business Coach. Barbara is responsible for screening all business processes and guiding people to perform optimally in their job.

Having worked and still working with several coaches and mentors herself, Barbara knows the transformative power of a personal coach. Once you open yourself up to being coached, you begin to receive the same advantages enjoyed by great actors and athletes everywhere, you grow so much stronger and you become more responsible for changing yourself.

Empowering people, supporting them in taking their lives to the next level, sharing love, wisdom and compassion, have become Barbara’s life mission.

Barbara is a Certified Master Life Coach, Business Coach and recently founded her own online school “Barbara’s School of Wisdom.” She was published in the Huffington Post and wrote the book 7 Most Powerful Techniques to Release Stress. She was selected for the ThoughtLeaderSchool founded by Bryant McGill and is part of the selection committee of She has reached millions with her weekly Inspirational Talks on different social platforms.


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