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Better, Happier, Stronger…Parents

The whole premise behind conscious parenting is really for parents to heal their own traumas and control their own emotions in order to parent from a more calm, authentic place. That’s clearly not the easiest thing to achieve! This article in the Washington Post was written by a teacher, who has 12 tips for how parents can be happier and more effective with their children this year.

We’d like to add a 13th tip to the list: attend the Revolutionizing Parenthood conference on April 25th! You’ll have the opportunity to learn from one of the best conscious parenting experts in the country, Dr. Shefali (who also happens to be Oprah-approved!). Tickets are on sale now.

The Gift of Teaching Your Child When To Quit

I really related to this article about giving our children permission to quit without always feeling like a failure. The author says it better than I ever could: “When we do have setbacks, we’re urged to rebrand them as opportunities instead of feeling disappointed. Fail up, fail smart, fail forward. Get your vision board. Get your gratitude journal. Get your can-do attitude and mantras and wash your face, girl. 

But in the midst of all this well-meaning encouragement to follow our dreams, I think we often neglect to give kids the skills to deal with what happens when things don’t go according to plan.”

Seeing Things From A Different Perspective

This touching video gives you a whole new perspective on parenting. It demonstrates that the things we, as grown ups, tend to find so challenging can be magical and memorable for our kids. I am going to try to remember this the next time I am strapping my screaming octopus of a toddler into her car seat, or get annoyed that my 5-year-old still wants help to put on her shoes (even though I know she can do it herself!). I’ll try to take a breath and make the moment funny, or silly, or happier for my kids and it will most likely make my life easier in the process.

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