Erin Taylor

Erin Taylor

From the age of 11, Erin knew that she wanted to help families. She was raised by very caring, connected parents but she knew that not all children had that same luxury. Erin knew then that her life’s mission was to help parents give their children just a little of the warm, supportive, loving upbringing that she experienced.

With a Masters in Counseling Psychology, Erin worked for 20 years as a therapist with foster, biological and adoptive families. About six years ago, she became certified as a parent coach. Now her work focuses on helping parents to face their fears and get to know their own selves in order to forge deep, healthy connections with their children.

Erin is the Co-Organizer of the Revolutionizing Parenthood event and also owns the parent company called Revolutionizing Life that supports families and professionals who work with them to give the children the best upbringing possible in order to change the course of our shared future.

Her podcast, Powerful Parenting for Today’s Kids is enjoyed by parents around the world. Erin is also the author of Connection and Kindness: The Key to Changing the World Through Parenting.

Erin’s own journey to parenthood was a tumultuous one, having experienced three years of fertility struggles before conceiving her first child through IVF. Their daughter Sydney died at 24 days old of a severe heart defect that she was born with. A few more cycles of IVF and two sons and a daughter later, she and her husband are now joyfully raising their three living children who are 17, 14 and 12. Erin was able to take the tragedy of the death of her infant daughter and turn it around to not only survive, but to thrive and help others to do the same.

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