Fallyn Smith MSW, PPSC

Fallyn Smith

Fallyn Smith, MSW, PPSC is an experienced Family Coach, Certified Elementary School Counselor and Certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator who has been working with children and families for over a decade. Specializing in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Child Development, Fallyn’s life purpose has been helping children and families thrive.

While working towards her Masters in Social Work with a credential in School Social Work from San Diego State University, Fallyn discovered the power of Social and Emotional Learning. She recognized the important role it plays in childhood development and began to advocate for schools, children and families to have more access to this knowledge.

After completing her Masters, Fallyn moved to New York City where she worked in Early Intervention for the New York Center for Child Development, providing ABA therapy and social skills groups for developmentally delayed toddlers. Additionally, she developed a social skills program for children called Social Success to provide children with the extra help they needed to navigate social and emotional challenges.

Feeling pulled back to the west coast, Fallyn left New York for San Francisco in 2013, where she became an elementary school counselor for Burlingame School District. There, Fallyn spearheaded the district-wide Social and Emotional Learning Program for their six elementary schools and continues to lead the initiative for the district.

After working closely with teachers and families for so many years, Fallyn decided to shift her focus to parents, as they are an integral piece of social-emotional health puzzle. As a parent educator, Fallyn began leading parent workshops for her school district and around the Bay Area. Inspired by the great hands-on work she was doing with parents, Fallyn created Mindful Kids Coaching in order to help all members of the family feel supported, and build their toolbox to better understand their emotions, behaviors and challenges with curiosity and non-judgement. Although Fallyn is based in San Francisco, she has been able to connect with parents and children nationwide, giving them the confidence they need to thrive out in the world.

Fallyn believes that every child and family has the capability to learn and develop their social and emotional skill set and intelligence. Fallyn promotes solution-focused thinking with a heavy emphasis on empathy to turn stressful moments into meaningful ones, and to help families build skills today for a more successful tomorrow.

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