Finding Ways To Make Parenting A Little Easier

Parenting is hard. I think that’s one thing we can all agree on. Which is why it’s so important to create that village that everyone talks about. We can’t exist on an island; we need community support, group think, and sometimes a big bottle of wine to get through the tough times. Not to mention that it enriches our lives to have someone to share the good times with.

Here’s group think from around the web this week:


Who Run The World? Girls!

Trying to raise exceptional girls? That’s no small task. But in this article from The Washington Post, five different mothers share what they are doing in order to raise girls who are strong, smart, successful, and caring. These five girls who are profiled are all changing the world in their own unique way, and your child can too. It’s worth noting that many of the tips in this article can also be applied to raising incredible boys!


The Heavy Burden of the Mental Load

While there are plenty of Dads out there who are doing their fair share to help manage the work/life balancing act, research has shown that Moms are the ones who carry the heavier burden of the mental load. Jennifer Folsom, author of “Ringmaster: Work, Life, and Keeping It All Together,” shares her tips for how working moms can unload some of the burden of the mental load in their lives.


Laughter Is Sometimes The Best Medicine

We might have a different approach to raising our children, or different preferences when it comes to the foods we eat, but there’s one thing that’s universal to all parents: lack of sleep. This mom nails it in this funny article from Mommy Nearest about all the ways she’s been woken up since becoming a mom.


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