Juliet Marciano

Juliet Marciano

Juliet Marciano, MD is a PCI Certified Parent Coach®, a retired Pediatrician, and a mother of four young adults. As founder of Marciano Parent Coaching, Juliet utilizes the knowledge and wisdom she has gained as a Certified Parent Coach® and pediatrician (now retired), her decades of experience working with families and raising her own four children, and her lifetime of self-directed learning in many diverse areas.

Juliet began her career as a Pediatrician 30 years ago. She practiced pediatrics for over a decade before retiring to spend more time with her children and dedicating herself to finding information to help her own family with some challenges her children were facing. Over the years, she continued to share parenting information and offer support to parents regarding non-medical matters.  As her children grew older and her family continued to thrive with the knowledge and skills she had acquired over the years, she completed an intensive graduate level Parent Coach Certification® Training Program through the Parent Coaching Institute/Parent Coach International, and she now works with parents to help them bring about the transformative change they desire in their lives that will affect their families for generations to come!

In her coaching, Juliet incorporates the most current teachings of the thought-leaders of today in the areas of parenting, mindfulness, neuroscience, resilience, conscious parenting, problem-solving, motivation, and managing a healthy relationship with digital media and screen technology.

She works with parents of children with special needs, high needs, extra needs, and different needs so that they can have a calmer, more conscious, more connected, and more confident parenting experience.

Juliet offers parents coaching guidance in a knowledgeable, understanding, non-judgmental, and compassionate manner and helps parents reclaim the joy of parenting, no matter what challenges they face or struggles they encounter.

Juliet lives in Wyndmoor, PA and coaches parents around the world by phone or video calls.

Juliet has a Medical Degree (MD) from Drexel University College of Medicine- Medical College of Pennsylvania. She is a PCI Certified Parent Coach®, having completed the Parent Coach Certification® Training Program of the Parent Coaching Institute/ Parent Coach International, and she has completed the Mindful Schools Mindful Educator Essentials (K-12 Curriculum) Program

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