Louise Clarke

Louise Clarke

When parents experience challenges with their children it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. They can find themselves challenged by a child like nothing or no one ever has and it can be overwhelming; for them and for their children. Relationships can be left fragile and disconnected.

It is Louise’s passion and purpose to support and empower parents with a compassionate and realistic approach to help them find sustainable and practical solutions to their challenges.  There is no “recipe” for parenting; what works for one parent, might not work for another. What works in one moment, might not work in the next. Louise works with parents to help them find a way that works for them and their child in each moment, whatever the moment – that is why it works and that is why it is transformational.

Louise is happily married with three teenage children and has probably experienced first-hand many of the challenges that you are facing. It can be stressful and as such, it is imperative that we look after ourselves and find solutions to the challenges in order to find harmony and balance.

Louise is a Certified Parent Coach and Mindfulness Coach and has been a student of, and taken extensive parent coaching courses with, Dr. Shefali, Oprah’s favorite parenting expert. Louise also created The Parenting In The Thick Of It Family Organizer – a beautifully and ingeniously designed, evergreen, wall “calendar” that offers parents intentional, proactive parenting support and advice, plus the framework to become more organized.

In January 2018, she was honored to be a guest speaker alongside experts Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Shefali on “The Screen Machine,” a digital summit to help parents better navigate technology. In May 2019, Louise was a guest speaker on the “Raising A Strong-Willed Child” online parenting summit.

In July 2019, she launched her eBook, Parenting The Modern Teen: The secret to understanding, connecting and communicating with your teen in a disconnected, distracted and digital world.

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