Moving Into A New Year With Intention

There are so many emotions wrapped up into this time of year: stress and anxiety about holiday shopping, holiday parties, and seeing extended family, merriment and joy in spending time with loved ones, and hope looking towards a fresh start in a new year.

If you’re anything like me, the new year always starts off with good intentions and resolutions, but they all seem to fall flat by the time mid-February rolls around. So this year, instead of having good intentions, I plan on being more intentional in the way I approach this year ahead. I’m not focusing on weight loss, or better eating habits, or sleeping more–I have to think bigger. Here are the intentions I’ll set for 2020:

Practice More Self-Care

This is the top of my list because this is something I don’t do often enough. As mothers, we tend to put everyone’s needs before our own, and usually at our own expense. I definitely don’t spend enough time on myself. So in 2020, I don’t care if this self-care comes in the form of exercise, sleep, eating right, manicures, massages, or a weekend away with girlfriends–the important thing is for me to simply set the intention to take that time for myself.

Be More Present With My Children

I really try to not be addicted to my phone, but it is challenging sometimes, especially since I spend time on social media for clients. And when I am working, that is fine, but there’s really no need for me to check my email while I’m at the park with my kids, or waste time on Twitter while they’re splashing about in the tub. Being too connected to technology is not necessarily a good thing; my intention for 2020 is to disconnect from my phone more, so that I can connect with my kids more completely.

Find More Room For Creativity

So many moments in my life are planned, which leaves very little room for spontaneity. But I need those spontaneous moments, or the moments in between plans to be creative. I am a creative person by nature, and I don’t have enough time to create for myself, for pleasure. I used to paint, write, read–all types of leisurely pursuits that I haven’t prioritized in the past few years. My intention for 2020 is to make more room in my life for creativity.

What are your intentions for 2020?

Are you planning on setting intentions for the new year ahead? If so, share them with us in the comments below!


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