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Parenting presents you with a variety of challenges at all stages–there’s no escaping the stress of it all, but there are ways to better manage it. If you don’t learn how to practice more self-care (one of our big intentions for 2020!), or tap into a bigger network of friends and family for help, you’re likely to burn out. Being mindful of how much you are taking on and asking for help when you need it will make all the difference this year.

How to Know If You Are Burnt Out

A certain amount of stress is reasonable every day, especially as parents, but how can you tell if you’re on the verge of burning out? This article from SELF Magazine defines burnout and lays out 4 different signs that the stress you’re feeling might actually be burning you out.

Dads Today Spend More Time With Kids

Good news: dads today are spending more time with their kids than dads of prior generations. In fact, research shows that modern dads spend three times as much time with their kids as their fathers or grandfathers did. And attitudes about a father’s role in both marriage and raising children are far more progressive and egalitarian than ever before. Society hasn’t totally caught up yet, though, as some people still make comments about dad’s “babysitting” their children when mom is away.

It Takes A Village

Writer Anna Nordberg explains why kids need a strong network of supportive adults to thrive for the Washington Post. Nordberg encourages this support network to include “teachers as well as family friends, and parents should welcome these relationships, as long as boundaries are being maintained.”

Helping Teens Succeed In Careers

College isn’t necessarily the best option for every child. If your teen doesn’t want to go to college or isn’t particularly academic, don’t panic; this article lays out all the reasons why you should consider having them learn a skilled trade so they can go on to have a successful career as an electrician, or a plumber, or a carpenter.

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