In addition to our keynote speaker, we have a series of parenting workshops that deal with the everyday struggles you face, whether you’re raising toddlers or teens (and everything in between). Each of the workshops will be led by one or more of our parenting experts, and were designed to help parents be more mindful, peaceful, and more connected upon returning home.

Here’s a look at the topics you can engage in during the Revolutionizing Parenthood conference:

Balancing Emotions
  • Child’s Self Worth 
  • Social and Emotional Learning in the Home 
  • Empowered Girls
  • Parenting Your Anxious Child
Dealing With Unique Needs
  • Sensory Challenges 
  • Parenting in a Family with Special Needs 
  • The Added Anxiety of Parenting Children with Allergies
Talking About Teens
  • Teen Transition 
  • Triggered By My Teen
  • Preparing for the Real World
Power Struggles
  • Power Struggles 
  • Why Do I Yell, How Do I Stop?
  • The Real Deal on Parenting Effectively
Transitions & Challenges
  • Transitioning into Motherhood 
  • Work Life Balance 
  • Parenting Through Challenging Times 
  • Thriving as a Parent In Challenging Times
Personal Growth For Parents
  • How Your Thoughts are Leading the Way 
  • Building Resiliency Through Co-Parenting 
  • Parenting More Peacefully
The Importance of Self-Care
  • Mindful Self Compassion 
  • Fun Self Care
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