Workshops - Personal Growth

Building Resiliency Through Co-Parenting

Building Resiliency Through Co-Parenting
Presented by Cheryl Polsky

While co-parenting with an ex-partner may not always be easy, there are ways to make a shared custody situation a more positive experience for everyone.

During this session you will discover how to:

  • Release guilt and negativity
  • Gain an appreciation of the co-parent
  • Reassure your child that it is okay to embrace the other parent
  • Learn how to enjoy your child while they are with you
  • Learn how to let go while they are with the other parent
Parenting More Peacefully

Parenting More Peacefully
Presented by Natalie Tellish

Are you yelling at your kids when you wish you could be more calm, cool, and collected?

Do you find yourself in power struggles with your children, unable to effectively set and hold firm boundaries without the use of punishment?

Were you parented in an authoritative or passive way, and now have a hard time breaking those learned patterns in your own parenting?

Peaceful parenting doesn’t come naturally to those of us who have learned and seen other, less-conscious styles.

In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • How your core beliefs were formed during your childhood and shape your present parenting dynamics.
  • An easy-to-implement strategy for rewriting your core beliefs, transforming them from limiting to empowering.
  • How to ensure your children grow up developing positive, empowering, core beliefs through a five-step peaceful parenting technique that can be used in any tough situation with any child of any age.