Workshops - Power Struggles

Understanding and Minimizing Power Struggles

Understanding and Minimizing Power Struggles
Presented by Tia Fagan

Do you sometimes feel like everything is a battle with your child or teen? Does it seem like your kids don’t listen to you? Do your children dig in their heels when you ask them to do something? Do you ever think that this shouldn’t be so hard?

If power struggles are interfering with your relationship with your child or teen, learn how to start breaking the patterns. Imagine if there was another way to address these conflicts and minimize them from happening in the future. What if you could find a way to prevent or stop them from escalating? If you want to neutralize and diminish power struggles in your home, come to this breakout session to:

  • Understand why power struggles occur and what you can do to minimize them
  • Learn what to do when you are in the midst of a struggle
  • Become the calm in the storm
  • What to do after a power struggle occurs
Why Do I Yell and How Can I Stop?

Why Do I Yell and How Can I Stop?
Presented by Janet Philbin

No parent really wants to yell at their children. Parents become so upset, angry, and frustrated when their child does not listen that they just don’t know what else to do so they react instead of responding.

Is it possible for you to stop yelling? Yes, it is!

In this experiential workshop, we will explore the reasons behind why parents yell at their children and how to respond to your child from a more centered and grounded place.

In addition to adding tools to your own personal toolbox that you can use to stop yelling, you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and learn why you react with big emotions
  • Leave with action steps to take to help you stop yelling
  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself both as a person and a parent
The Real Deal on Parenting Effectively 

The Real Deal on Parenting Effectively
Presented by Maria Bockman Sanders and Sheryl Stoller

Do you often wish you hadn’t flipped your lid on your child? Are you frustrated and exhausted with repeating yourself? Are you close to giving up hope on understanding, getting through to, and consistently connecting with your child?

Parenting in the midst of the hard moments requires energy, support, knowledge, and know-how we often don’t have access to when we need it. What if we told you we can walk you through the How-To’s of moving forward?

Join parent coaches Sheryl Stoller and Maria Sanders as they bring their extensive experience with Conscious Parenting & Collaborative Problem Solving to this interactive workshop. Attendees will leave this workshop feeling confident, empowered, and well-equipped on your parenting journey.

Gen Z & the Social Media Epidemic:

Gen Z & the Social Media Epidemic: How Parents can Connect with the most Disconnected Generation
Presented by Steven Robertson

Steven Robertson, CEO of Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs, will share insights with parents on how important it is to stay or become curated into the lives of their children and become the “influencer” of importance at any age. Gen Z (born 1995-2010) & Alpha (2011-present) are considered to be so disconnected from us, they are connected like never before in history! Technology has progressed so far, so fast to connect them to peers and influencers around the globe through social media, smart phones, gaming, streaming feeds and more.  

In studying the students that have come through our programs over the past 40 years and seeing the impact social media now has on this generation, we have developed tools to navigate this space well and continue to do so as the landscape evolves as quickly as the technology. I will share tangible connection techniques with parents they can take home, including:

  • Learning How Your Child Uses Social Media
  • Finding Mutual Uncommon Ground
  • How to Get in their Curated Stream
  • Deliberate Parenting 2.0
  • Guide by their Side Mentoring