Workshops - Self Care

Mindful Self Compassion

Mindful Self Compassion
Presented by Amanda Famalare Votto

There is no doubt about it: parenting is challenging. Even though parents have the best intentions, they may feel as if they fall short over and over again. The doubts, the worries, the inner and outer pressures, the power struggles, the “never enough” time are just some of the challenges that parents encounter on a regular basis.

What would it feel like to offer compassion to ourselves for these struggles? Often it is much easier to be compassionate toward others than toward ourselves. Cultivating a kind relationship within helps loosen the grip of the “inner critic,” allows us to handle difficult emotions with greater ease, and transforms our relationship with ourselves and our children.

This interactive workshop will include:

  • Guided mindful self-compassion practices
  • Insightful discussion about how to apply these practices on the spot during the day
  • Support as you navigate through this wild parenting adventure
  • A roadmap for how mindful self-compassion can be a powerful doorway into the healing of your own heart
Fun Self Care 

Fun Self Care
Presented by Aparna Venkataraman

Essential oils can be a fantastic tool to use to not only treat and heal your family but to help them to stay healthy as well! Combining essential oils with quick breathwork techniques helps families have a deeper variety of ways to relieve stress, self-regulate, shift their mood and take care of their wellness.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • What essential oils are
  • Why it is important to have sensory self-care practices
  • How to use essential oils for self-care, overall wellbeing and beyond
  • Ways to use oils with your children and loved ones
  • How to practice self-regulation and mindfulness with oils
  • Eight simple breathwork techniques that you and your children can use for various scenarios
  • Resources to dive deeper into oils for emotions, parenting and blend-making
  • A five-minute guided meditation using the oils
  • The opportunity to play with and try on different oils for you and your kids