Workshops - Talking About Teens

Mastering Teen Transitions

Mastering Teen Transitions
Presented by Claire Cetti

Whether your child is off to a two- or four-year college, the work force, a gap year, or any other endeavor, the transition from high school into adulthood can be a challenging one for all involved. This can leave us wondering:

How do I parent my child now?
Am I handling this situation the right way?
Should I be doing more? Or less?
What IS my role now?

Being able to recognize and identify how your parenting role will change once they leave home is a critical part of successfully launching your child.

In this presentation, we will explore the many ways to:

  • Decipher the inaccurate messages we receive about letting go as parents of older teens and soon-to-be-adult children
  • Identify, understand and anticipate the normal challenges your young adult may face as they move beyond high school
  • Effectively step in and step out, maximizing your child’s personal growth and development as well as how this enhances your relationship with them
  • Take care of YOU during this time of transition from being a parent with kids at home to parenting kids from afar
Triggered by Your Teen? 

Triggered by Your Teen?
Presented by Louise Clark

Do you find yourself struggling to cope with your teenager? Are you continually triggered by them and their behavior? Do almost all conversations end as arguments and you feel that you have lost the connection you had with them? Do you ever count the days until they leave for college and then feel guilty for even thinking that?

If you are struggling to navigate the teen attitude – the not listening, the disrespect – and feel like they love their phones more than they love you, then you need this workshop. Louise will guide you to find a new way of showing up with your teenager, one that will help turn conflict to connection and cooperation. Louise will help you build a stronger relationship with your teen and help you understand why punishing, grounding, threatening, rewarding, and bribing teens just doesn’t work and what you can do instead.

You will come away with:

  • Practical tools and tips on how to not take their behavior personally
  • Strategies to set effective boundaries, hold the limits, deal with the inevitable teen pushback
  • A raised awareness of your part to play in the co-creation of your reality
Helping Your Child Prepare For The Real World

Helping Your Child Prepare For The Real World
Presented by Kyle Grappone

The “Real World” has changed a lot since we entered it as young adults, and this workshop will teach you how to prepare your child for it. Kyle will focus on what skills employers are looking for, what past graduates wish they had learned before embarking upon their careers, and what to do to get your child excited about their future.

Attendees will also learn:

  • How to motivate your child to care about the future
  • What the workforce is looking for when hiring
  • What’s important and what’s not in the college selection process
  • Steps you can take today to prepare your child for the next steps in life
  • How to create a plan to work with you child
  • What skills are important
  • Ways to “let go” and allow your child to become more independent