Workshops - Transitions and Challenges

Transitioning into Motherhood

Transitioning into Motherhood
Presented by Karen Foley Assaf

Becoming a mother means going through a lot of changes in just about every aspect, which can leave the mother feeling reborn herself. At times, it can feel like living a different life than before having kids.

In this workshop, connect with your true inner self to make better decisions for yourself, and your family so you can feel:

  • Supported
  • Understood
  • More productive
  • A sense of community
  • Fully yourself
  • In touch with the mother within you
Guilt, Overwhelm and Piles of Laundry: How Working Parents Can Find Balance Amidst the Daily Chaos

Guilt, Overwhelm and Piles of Laundry: How Working Parents Can Find Balance Amidst the Daily Chaos
Presented Kacey Eltiste Hartung

Working parents face challenges unlike any generation before them. It’s no longer enough to define “Work-Life Balance” in terms of assigning equal time to your career, your family and your life.

While employers now grant more flexible schedules, there is also an expectation to be available beyond the traditional 9-to-5 shift. This causes the lines between work and home to blur. Life is no longer about balancing work and life separately, but integrating the two into a Work-Life Flow.

In this session attendees will:

  • Evaluate our relationship with time as parents to relieve the stress and guilt
  • Look at the myth that being a busy parent equals being a good parent
  • Break down the math equation that is holding us hostage (whether we realize it or not)
  • Identify a new baseline, because giving 110% to multiple things is not humanly possible
  • Reset our expectations around chores, responsibilities and “have-to-dos”
  • Develop a strategy that will enable you to go with the flow rather than paddling upstream
  • Define your core values to use as a guidepost for all decisions
Parenting During Times of Trauma or Pain

Parenting During Times of Trauma or Pain
Presented by Jennifer Lindner

Parenting gives us the opportunity to experience life’s most joyful as well as some of its most challenging experiences. Parenting during stressful and frustrating times is made even more difficult when we are shocked or unprepared to manage our own trauma, pain, and upset, let alone those of our children.

In this workshop, attendees will learn:

  • How to center yourself during stressful times
  • How to align yourself with healing abundance in the face of adversity
  • How to create an environment where wellness, trust and love flourish
Thriving as a Parent In Challenging Times 

Thriving as a Parent In Challenging Times
Presented by Barbara Vercruysse

Whether we go through health challenges, relationship challenges or financial challenges, as a parent, we have no other choice than to find a way to continue to be a good parent despite the hardships we are facing.

But how do we find the courage to be a loving parent when our heart is aching, or our health is suffering, or we are overwhelmed by financial worries?

Attendees of this workshop will learn:

  • How to stay courageous and positive during challenging times
  • How to keep the love and warmth for your children intact during difficult moments
  • The most important things to remember when facing hard times